Tintype photos with Kings Collodion

For this post, we would like to highlight a new business project that we are starting with our partner, Gair Wissenbach. The new venture is Tintype portraiture (also known as Wet-plate Collodion photography). So far, we have conducted 4 sessions at various events. The first two sessions were an experiment that was so well received by those who attended and those that were photographed, that we decided to create a business around it. The collaboration, now known as Kings Collodion, is very much in it’s infancy with promotional materials and a website in the works. We also have a small studio here in Brooklyn so we can book portrait sessions where the client can walk away with a one-of-a-kind tintype portrait. Stay tuned as we will be posting updates and information for session bookings as well as to talk about the actual process of creating these unique images from this 19th century technique. Below, are some of the results from the first sessions. Enjoy!